Data Center Rollout — Relieving the Pressure

Rolling out a new data center?  If you’re responsible for bringing a new site on line, you wait in line as different layers of infrastructure – firewalls, routers, switches, load-balancers, servers, power-strips, UPS, T1s/E1s – are installed by different teams.  Your configuration and testing steps come in near the end of the process, when deadline pressure is the most extreme.

There’s a better way.  You can configure the equipment in parallel with installation, from the comfort and convenience of a remote location.  How? Install a Dominion® SX secure console server and work via modem, as the center builds out. 

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Dutch Nat'l Lottery Hdqtrs, The Hague

More Space, Less OT at
The Dutch National Lottery

The backbone of the Dutch National Lottery is its IT operation, where an upturn in transactions had managers scrambling for more space to install servers, and more personnel to administer them.  Moving was not an option.  Neither was making sysadmins wait for their turn at consoles.  Read More


Trade Shows:

Where Raritan's Stand Stands in 2005

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Raritan “Leading Partner” in Dev't
of AMD’s new OPMA Specification

Raritan scored a major industry coup in the OEM community on Feb. 28, when chip giant AMD announced that its new embedded KVM-over-IP specification, OPMA (Open Platform Management Architecture) had been developed with the close collaboration of Peppercon AG, Raritan’s OEM business unit.  Read more

What's the OPMA Spec About?

The new Open Platform Management Architecture

spec defines the interfaces between servers and their embedded KVM-over-IP modules — components that allow KVM signaling to be switched over the LAN like other data.

Raritan Opens New Offices
in India, China

(See Ribbon-cutting, Coconut-cracking)


Diagram: Paragon II stacking cable (red) ZCIMs (blue)

Paragon® II KVM Enhancements: IP Gateway/User Station Combo, 
Daisy-Chaining Cables

Raritan continues to build upon the success of the industry’s first enterprise-class, stackable, Cat5 KVM switch.  A new user station, the UST-IP, combines user station and IP gateway into one device. Raritan’s new ZCIM module links up to 42 servers on a single Cat5-cable chain, using only one of the Paragon II’s ports.  Read More


We're talking remote access: Really.

Dominion SX Sun Certified

As of March 30, our entire Dominion® SX serial-over-IP product line has been certified "Solaris™ Ready" by Sun Microsystems, Inc.  This means that after thorough testing, Dominion SX has demonstrated seamless interoperability with the Solaris operating system for both SPARC and x86 platforms.

Victor Ugrinivich of Kami-Sever
shows SwitchMan in Siberia

Raritan products made their western Siberian trade show debut March 1, at the second annual IT-SURGUT expo. Surgut, a city of 271,000 people 1350 miles (2000 km) east of Moscow, is famous for its huge oil and gas fields.

Exhibitor Kami-Sever, an IT integrator based in the central Russian city of Yaroslavl, has been a Raritan reseller for almost 10 years and has seven branch offices in different remote parts of the country.

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