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Ching-I's Wrap-Up, Leadership Conference 2005:

Setting the Stage with a Larger, Stronger Cast

You have just followed an email link to the Fall 2005 issue of the Raritan Ring, a collaborative effort of all of our far-flung offices in Human Resources, Marketing and other departments.  Its goal: to unify the Raritan team across the great divide of country borders – and the smaller one of cubicle partitions!

With this third issue, the task of filling up the Ring has truly started to cross time zones.  We're getting more text and picture contributions from each of our regions, from our colleagues who are best equipped to give us the details and the meanings behind the events that take place within their countries. 

And as ever, it's so easy to write back!  If you've read this newsletter and have comments/contributions/complaints/kudos, please send them here!


Extracurricular Raritan

The (unofficial) there's-more-to-life dept: Who among us did something noteworthy after hours?  Read More


Extracurricular Raritan, II

Hot Springs and cotton robes in Japan, Hot Wings and BBQ aprons in NJ:  a couple of major photo-ops


Fall Birthdays
Opportunities to celebrate/surprise/embarrass your coworkers in the coming quarter!  Read more


Peer-to-Peer Plaudits

In which Raritan employees call out their coworkers for specific acts of initiative/efficiency/genius/ helpfulness.  Read More


Our Show on the Road
Glimpses into trade shows and seminars in Singapore, Taiwan, Beijing, New Delhi, Oslo and Moscow.  Read More


Who's New at Raritan?

Meet the new hires who've joined Raritan around the world since our last issue, back in late July.

Hurricane Aid:  Wish you could give more?

Remember Raritan's Matching Gift Program!

Raritan will boost your contribution to Hurricane Katrina Aid agencies (or any other legitimate charity) by donating another 50 percent; just download and print the Matching Gifts form, found on the Resources link of the sign-in web page.   Fill it out and bring it to HR.
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