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October 2005

Leadership Conference 2005: 

Setting the Stage
With a Larger, Stronger Cast

Ching-I Hsu,

Raritan Founder, CEO

Dear Raritan Team:


Over 50 of Raritan’s global managers met last week for a three-day Leadership Conference, the largest ever in Raritan’s history.  An important event, it set the stage for 2006 by reviewing our company’s vision, strategy, and requirements for success in all our key markets.  

I am very pleased to report that the conference was a resounding success.  I would like to share with you its key accomplishment – our outlook for the near future and for the next ten years.

The meeting continued – and even furthered – our tradition of a “BHAG” (Big Hairy Audacious Goal).  We fixed our new target at a ten-fold growth in the next 10 years, and as part of that high aim, to become a dominant supplier in the IT Services Management market for midsize businesses in the next three years.  Economically, we aim at growing over 26% annually during the period.  It is an ambitious goal, to be sure.


How exactly can we do that?

First, the KVM switch market is still well under-penetrated, with plenty of room for our near-term growth.  We don’t expect it to peak for at least two years or longer.

At the same time, we have identified and expect to fill a growing market niche.  IT managers in mid-sized businesses face serious service management problems, and lack good solutions to this problem.  They are overwhelmed on a daily basis, while trying to stay ahead of an increasingly unmanageable pool of IT resources.  They yearn for greater productivity − not just for greater profitability, but also to alleviate the stresses of their very lifestyle.

This is a scenario no different from the ones Raritan has faced before:  Just as PCs and KVM switches solved a fundamental productivity problem, today a fundamental productivity problem exists in the IT Services Management field.  Our entrepreneurial insight cannot help but conclude that great opportunities exist in solving this problem.

So in the next few years, we have the chance to evolve Raritan into an even greater company – with an even stronger advantage.  Unlike the first 20 years, when we relied strongly upon sheer willpower, today we can take advantage of many more resources:  a very good brand, a worldwide customer base, a profitable operation, and most importantly, this team of dedicated and talented people.  So our odds of success are much higher!

At the Leadership Conference we set a solid goal and a strategic direction.  We reaffirmed our resources and plotted a strategy to execute upon our vision.  I know this team can do it.  I am very proud of what Team Raritan has achieved so far – especially during the last three years.  So I am also very confident that together, we can reach our BHAG.  This will serve not only to build a successful company, but more importantly, it will enable everyone on the Raritan team – everyone – to be proud of being part of a venture that makes a real difference to real people, and does so with integrity and teamwork.  This is the true Raritan vision, and I look forward to being a part of it.


With all best wishes,

Ching-I Hsu








Ching-I Hsu

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