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Raritan Japan:  Atami Team-Building Retreat,
Sept. 2-3






Traditional Japanese party at the Hot Spring Hotel banquet room. 






Yukata-Casual Friday

l to r:  Tom Ito, Tom Swift, Sev Onyshkevych


RJ team in their yukatas (not kimonos), in front of of Namei Hotel, Atami, after dinner, after hot springs, before karaoke.

l to r:   Yuka Ibara (RJ Marketing)

Masato Kurita (RJ Sales)

Yukihiro Kaida (RJ Sales)

Hiroshi Tamura (RJ Tech)

Haruhiko Sugiyama (RJ Sales & Marketing director, with jacket)

Kaori Imai (RJ Osaka, woman with jacket)

Hiroaki Futae (RJ Comptroller)










Today's specials are...











(thanks, Ibara-San ----- Ed.)


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