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The following people joined the Raritan Team in 3Q 2005. 
Please welcome:


LEO CHENG, who joined Raritan Taiwan on Aug 1 as a PE Supervisor.  Before coming to Raritan, Leo was a teacher at the Southern Taiwan University of Technology Library, and a purchasing supervisor at HP Taiwan.  He lists his main hobby as table tennis.

NICOLE ZOSCHAK, who joined RU on June 22 as HR Director.  Nicole will assume responsibility for day-to-day management of RU HR, which will include recruitment, employee relations, benefits and employee services.  She has worked in a variety of HR capacities throughout her career and most recently was with PNY Technologies.  She holds a B.A. in Psychology from Montclair State University.  In her spare time, Nicole enjoys baking – everything from chocolate chip cookies to elaborate desserts such as tarts, soufflés, and cakes.  She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

MASAAKI HIRAOKA   (a.k.a. "Kenny"), who joined Raritan Japan as an Account Manager in the sales and marketing department on July 25.  He holds a BA in economics and worked for American Megatrends' Japan office as a software sales exec before joining Raritan.  Kenny likes to work out, collect perfumes and "manipulate state-of-the-art synthesizers."

CHIAKI SHIBASAKI, who joined Raritan's Tokyo office as Manager, Technical Support center on Sept. 1.  Shibasaki-san has a BS from the University of Electro-Communications, where he studied in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Intelligent Systems.  Before Raritan, he was a systems integration and pre/post support engineer for Siemens/Oce.  Before that, he was in software development at Minolta.  He plays the French horn in an amateur orchestra, is looking forward to a concert tour to Croatia, and opportunities to visit the New York Philharmonic and the Met on business trips to RU.

Shibasaki-san writes: " It's quite interesting to think about the different ways of thinking between native English speakers and Japanese speakers.  Sometimes we get confused and this could cause problems.. but if we'd rather enjoy the difference, I'm sure we can survive!"

GAYLE FERREIRA, who joined Raritan's Somerset headquarters as a Technical Writer on June 13.  Gayle comes to Raritan with a solid background in technical writing from five years of experience at Lucent Technologies, documenting Voice-Over-IP and Lucent Managed Firewall product lines.  In addition to telecommunications, she also has experience in the pharmaceutical and financial industries.  Her current assignment at Raritan is documenting the CC NOC product line.  Gayle has a BS degree from Boston University in Computer Science/Business and lives with her husband and twin daughters, age 11, in Manalapan.  Interests include piano, reading, biking, and long walks with the dog.  She reports to Allen Yang.

TYSON TOMAIN, who joined RU as an Inside Sales Rep on June 20.  Previously, he was an outside sales rep for T-Mobile and Pitney Bowes.  Tyson has a Bachelors in Business Communications from Bentley College.  Personal Interests: Skiing, Camping, Hiking, Music, Travel, and Scuba Diving.  Tyson also participates in

Native American Sweat Lodge ceremonies in Massachusetts as much as possible.  But he can play both sides:  He was a cavalry soldier in the re-enactment of the Battle of Little Bighorn, which took place on the Crow Reservation in South Central Montana in the summer of 2002.


SVEN BACHMANN, who joined Peppercon's developer team in Zwickau on January as a software engineer.  He is responsible for K-Prod, the production environment for Peppercon products.  In October 2005 Sven will start studying Computer Science at the Chemnitz University.  He enjoyed working at Peppercon and Raritan very much and will try to continue working during study.  His hobbies are reading, cinema, meeting friends and programming.

MARISSA WADDELL, who joined RU as an Inside Sales Rep on June 20.  Marissa grew up in Beijing, China and came to the U.S. in 1992 for her MBA.  She has nine years of experience in IT sales and support.  Married, she has two children and lives in South Brunswick, NJ.  She enjoys traveling and running. 

In Sept 2002, Marissa and her husband hiked an unrestored length of the Great Wall of China from Gubeikou to Jinshanlin, covering six miles through deteriorated bricks, hilly roads, and more than 50 towers, and stopping by local peasants' houses for corn bread and water.  She recalls it as "the experience of a lifetime."


JASON HERR, who joined Raritan's Raleigh office on Sept 7 as a software developer on the CommandCenter NOC team.  He brings experience as a software engineer at IBM.  "I've been primarily a Java developer, but I have also been a Linux Geek," he says.  A resident of Raleigh, he graduated from NC State with a BS in Computer Science, and lives with wife Liza.   Hobbies: 4x4 off-road driving and repair, ACC basketball, boating and swimming. Jason reports to Brian Minnihan.
JENNY WANG, who joined Raritan's Shanghai office on Aug. 11 as an office assistant.  She is a graduate of Sichuan MiangYang Teacher College and previously served as an office assistant at Huawei Technology.  
INGO VAN LIL, who joined Peppercon’s developer office in Zwickau in July in the position of Software Developer.  Before joining Peppercon, Ingo studied Information Technology at the Technical University of Chemnitz.  Hobbies:  biking, attending trade fairs like Enterprise Management World USA.


JIMING YIN, who joined Peppercon’s German developer office in Munich on Jan. 1, 2005 in the position of Software developer.  Jiming has a diploma in Computer Science and enjoys bicycling and ping pong.

CHRIS NA, who joined Raritan Taiwan on Sept. 9 as a System Engineer.  Previous employers: Sportsseoul21 Corp and Real System Corp.  


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