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Is Cost and Complexity Spinning out of Control in your Data Center?


Introducing CommmandCenter® Secure Gateway.

And five reasons you should be interested.

1.             Provides enterprise-wide control - CommandCenter Secure Gateway (CC-SG) gives your administrators a 360o view, click-and-control access and BIOS-level control of all of your enterprise’s servers and serially managed devices, from a single sign-on to a single interface.  Devices managed through analog KVM and KVM-over-IP switches, single-port KVM-over-IP, serial console, iLO/RILO, power – all come under CC-SG’s centralized control.


2.             Leverages centralized staff across many sites and multiple platforms – CommandCenter Secure Gateway consolidates the management of multiple data centers, branch offices and remote locations in one secure platform, providing at-the-rack visibility and control to administrators at headquarters. Integrated power control eliminates headquarters’ dependence on remote staff, even to press an off button.


3.             Simplifies device access and control through logical views - CommandCenter Secure Gateway’s user-defined, logical views reduce a complicated mix of server platforms and sites to one quickly navigated display of one administrator’s functional workplace.  With views defined by any combination of target, OS, appliance type, site or group, there are no IP addresses to recall, no long menus of irrelevant devices to scroll through on the way to solving pressing IT problems.


4.             Reduces TCO  by streamlining overall operations, administration and maintenance (OA&M).  CommandCenter Secure Gateway’s centralized, role-based policy management reduces many database update tasks to one. Integration with Active Directory, support for LDAP, RADIUS and TACACS+  leverages time investment in user and group profiles, while simplifying security.  Association Wizards enable users to quickly create group policies from a single screen.


5.             Reduces TCO by replacing rack consoles: CommandCenter Secure Gateway is accessed through any popular browser running on Windows or Linux, so there’s no need for dedicated KVM consoles at the rack or anywhere else.  Along with hardware expense, space, cabling, and HVAC costs are reduced. 



Do you need secure remote access to all your data center devices?


Introducing CommmandCenter® Secure Gateway,

And five reasons you should be interested.

1              Provides anytime, anywhere access via Web browser --  CommandCenter Secure Gateway (CC-SG) provides system administrators with secure BIOS-level access and control of all of your enterprise’s servers and other IT devices, through any popular Web browser running on Windows or Linux.  Whether they’re at the rack, at their desks, in the NOC or anywhere in the world, your administrators can manage your devices.


2              Protects all data with encryption: 128-bit SSL encryption protects all keyboard, video and mouse signaling from exposure to hackers. 


3              Supports a broad range of authentication protocols, including LDAP, Active Directory®, RADIUS and TACACS+, restricts access to authorized users, using technology often already implemented.  Active Directory integration leverages existing user and group profiles.  Logging, reporting and audit trails document who accessed what, and when.  IP-based Access Control Lists (ACL) grant or restrict user access by IP address.


4              Provides access to all targets, from almost any user platform: CommandCenter Secure Gateway consolidates the remote management of analog KVM and KVM-over-IP switches, single-port KVM-over-IP, serial console switches, iLO/RILO, and power.  Users can work from almost any Web browser available (Internet Explorer, MozillaTM, Firefox or Netscape®) running on Windows® or Linux®.


5             Includes redundant components for high availability: CommandCenter Secure Gateway can be implemented with multiple redundancies and failover mechanisms, including geographic redundancy through primary and secondary deployments.  Single CC-SG appliances are equipped with hot-swap power supplies, dual Ethernet connections, ECC memory and dual hard drives, as well as emergency dial-up access via built-in modem.






Do you need to demonstrate compliance with recent governmental regulations on data protection and privacy?


Introducing CommmandCenter® Secure Gateway.

And five reasons you should be interested.

1.             Centralizes policy management and monitoring-- CommandCenter Secure Gateway integrates both digital and analog KVM switches and serial-over-IP console servers into a single network, with a single sign-on to a single IP address.  Result: one central point from which to configure access policies, one inescapable security checkpoint for remotely accessing and controlling all enterprise devices, and one point from which to log all access events.


2.             Includes comprehensive reporting – CommandCenter Secure Gateway supports a broad range of customizable administrative reports, including active users, accessed devices, active ports, error logs, audit trails, asset management, firmware status and ping reports.


3.             Enables “lights-out” data center operation – Allows IT to limit physical entry to the data center and replace it with remote access.  This improves data security, since all those who access servers must do so through CommandCenter Secure Gateway’s authentication and authorization, and all access events are logged.


4.             Integrates with CommandCenter NOC – CommandCenter Secure Gateway works with Raritan’s new CC NOC network management appliance, which keeps your IT infrastructure under constant scrutiny.  Integrating world-class network and systems management, vulnerability scanning, intrusion detection, network performance analysis and reporting functionality into a single, easily deployed platform, it helps establish your company’s compliance with regulatory requirements for security and data integrity.  


5.             Maximizes Data AvailabilityCommandCenter Secure Gateway puts all authorized users within reach of any controlled device, from anywhere, at anytime. This reduces mean time to repair of downed servers and ensures data availability, mandated by several compliance regulations.