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Email that Persuades Resellers to Partner

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So Many Vendors, So Little Time?
Why Spend it With Raritan Computer:

Our Solutions Are Easy to Sell:

Our market is everywhere. KVM switches and serial console servers go everywhere that servers, networking, racks, cabling, and UPS solutions go. If you’re not selling them into these environments, someone else is.

Raritan solutions are a natural cross-sell and build customer loyalty for the strong value proposition they bring to the data center: reduced complexity and mean-time-to-repair, streamlined OA&M, increased system administrator productivity, extension of remote management to off-site experts. Also: reduced space, utility, and personnel requirements.

Our name is respected. Raritan has won IT professionals’ trust over 20 years of technical leadership, reliability, and dedicated customer service. We get excellent press and with a 30% gain in sales over 2003, we reap the benefit of our good reviews. Our reputation among resellers is also unparalleled for integrity and support.

Our technology is unsurpassed. Raritan KVM is known for its low-bandwidth, high-quality video performance, and its superior network integration. It offers the KVM switching industry’s lowest cost per port. It also supplies its own authentication mechanism, for security without third-party server purchase.

Our products are profitable:

Our margins are generous. Server and networking hardware margins are typically 2-5%; KVM’s are typically 15 – 20%.

Our products open the door to reorders and value-added services. As data centers add more servers, routers and network devices, they need more KVM solutions. As enterprises open branch offices and remote disaster recovery sites, they seek to minimize new hires: Raritan’s KVM-over-IP solutions provide the answer by implementing secure remote administration. This is a customer ROI that tolerates considerable expenditure in design, installation, maintenance and support.

They open the door to sales of additional products. Add serial integration with KVM, add remote power (reboot) management with serial. Crowd out competitors and grow your share of your customers’ IT budgets.

At the same time, they preserve preexisting investment. Raritan solutions suit your customers’ existing architecture and topology; they fit into all LAN and server OSes; and permit a pay-as-you-grow, confidence-building customer relationship. Modem-accessible, they can streamline new data center rollouts, letting admins configure servers remotely, even before WAN links are up.

Our products are easy to install
: Our KVM switches, serial console servers and centralized device management solutions install simply and reliably. At the small-office, mid-sized office scale, they are plug-and-play appliances. At the high end, in multi-site enterprises, they consolidate control of multiple sites down to one Web-accessible console, for centralized OA&M from anywhere, at anytime. This is a more advanced installation that draws more professional service revenue.

We make sure you’re equipped
Raritan’s partner programs include in-depth training on our products. Our marketing support includes market development and co-op funding, sales materials, and joint account plans. Our advertising and direct-mail efforts generate leads for you, and our inside sales force helps turn leads into sales with live, conference-call online demos.

We solicit and respond to your feedback, too, in regularly convened Reseller Advisory Councils. Each authorized reseller is assigned to a dedicated account manager, who facilitates all sales, administrative, and technical requirements. We support you, too, with presale activity, working with you to perform prospect site surveys and ROI analyses to determine their specific needs; to develop proposals, and roll out solutions.

We’re drawing a long-term roadmap
Raritan is shaping its product mix to fit the future. Today, our products and solutions are an important tool in maintaining mission-critical IT infrastructure. Tomorrow, they will be an integral part of the best-in-class processes and tools in IT Service Management. Our reseller commitment will not change, but will continue to keep you current on our latest product developments and industry vision.

We’re dedicated to helping you move up the value chain
We know that your success is our success, and long-term customer loyalty is critical to both. So the Raritan team is sharply focused on helping you attract high-value, long-term customers, growing your business with them, and migrating them to the future.