Paragon II KVM Enhancements: IP Gateway
User Station,  Daisy-Chaining P2-ZCIMs

Raritan continues to build upon the success of Paragon II, the industry’s first enterprise-class, stackable, Cat5 KVM switch.  Two years ago, IT professionals jumped upon Paragon’s IP enablement with IP-Reach, an IP gateway that securely extended KVM control to an authorized system administrator accessing and controlling from any browser-enabled PC, at any location.

This February, we added simplicity to remote access.  A new user station, the UST-IP, combines user station and IP gateway into one device.  The new user station also brings power management within reach of off-site sysadmins, allowing them to power off or on servers and other devices connected to Raritan’s intelligent power strips. Supporting 128-bit encryption, the UST-IP authenticates users using Paragon II’s database, eliminating the need to sign in twice.

Cable Clutter Clobbered with Chaining ZCIMs

In March, we made it possible to reduce the clutter of cables running from each server to the Paragon KVM switch, and to extend the reach of a single switch beyond its 32, 42, 64 or 128 ports.  A new computer interface module (CIM) — Raritan’s Paragon II ZCIM — lets you link up to 42 servers (in a blocking configuration) on a single Cat5-cable chain, using only one of the Paragon II’s ports.  P2-ZCIMs come in USB, Sun and PS/2 form factors and can link up all form factors on the same chain.  Each P2-ZCIM incorporates Raritan’s “keep-alive” keyboard/mouse emulation for flawless operation in densely packed server rooms.  High-resolution video — up to 1600 by 1200 pixels — brings the full user experience of each server to each IT administrator.

Sun Smiles on Dominion SX

As of March 30, our entire Dominion® SX serial-over-IP product line has been certified "Solaris™ Ready" by Sun Microsystems, Inc. See home page story for details.


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