Raritan a “Leading Partner” in Developing AMD’s new OPMA Specification

Raritan scored a major industry coup in the OEM community on Feb. 28, when chip giant AMD announced that its new embedded KVM-over-IP specification, OPMA (Open Platform Management Architecture) had been developed with the close collaboration of Raritan’s OEM business unit, Peppercon AG.  The new spec defines the interfaces between servers and their embedded KVM-over-IP modules — components that allow KVM signaling to be switched over the regular data switches and routers of the LAN.

The spec represents an important endorsement for the KVM-over-IP technology of Raritan Peppercon, and will offer server OEMs, remote management subsystems and motherboard manufacturers a development guideline that ensures interoperability and reduces market risk, cost, and time to market.  In turn, these benefits translate into more cost-effective and powerful solutions for enterprise IT organizations.

First to OPMA Market

It also gives Raritan Peppercon a leg up on developing an OPMA-compliant embedded module.  In fact, they are already jumping on that leg: Raritan’s KIM II-OPMA - a tiny daughter card that uses the OPMA-industry-standard connector, offers high-performance and high-quality

KVM-over-IP management, virtual media and full IPMI 2.0 support, is available now, and was featured in the Raritan booth at
Raritan Peppercon’s KIM II-OPMA daughter card
March’s CeBit show in Hannover, Germany.   “Peppercon’s OPMA M3-compliant KIM II-OPMA card includes open APIs to help leading server OEMs, motherboard manufacturers and KVM vendors enable their enterprise management software solutions to easily communicate with OPMA-based solutions,” said Michael Patellis, director of OEM Sales for Raritan Peppercon.

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