Data Center Rollout –
Relieving the Pressure


Rolling out a new data center?

If you’re responsible for bringing up a new site, you wait in line as different layers of infrastructure — firewalls, routers, switches, load-balancers, servers, power-strips, UPS, T1s/E1s — are installed by different teams.  Your configuration and testing steps come in near the end of the process, when deadline pressure is the most extreme.

There’s a better way.

You can work in parallel with installation, from the comfort and convenience of a remote location.  How?  Install a Dominion SX secure console server and modem in, at an early stage.

A properly managed data center or branch office rollout unfolds in carefully prepared stages, working from detailed documentation of system interdependencies and, based on that, power-up sequences.

The last stage of this process, just before testing begins, is typically the stage at which the WAN infrastructure (T1/E1, DS3/E3 lines, etc.) goes in. This is saved for last because telecom companies take long times to provision these lines, and because no company wants to pay to lease them before they are used.  With all LAN pieces installed and these links to the outside world and branch offices established, system administrators typically begin to assume command and control of the IT devices, and set about configuring and testing.

Rolling out a new data center -- Scenario 1

But even in the best-planned rollout, delays inevitably occur.  Different layers of infrastructure — firewalls, router, switches, load-balancers, servers, power-strips, UPS — are rolled out at different times and by different groups within a company.   To make up time at the end of the rollout, sysadmins are often forced to work around the clock within a very small time window, configuring network elements under extreme pressure.

If that administrator installs a secure console server early in the process, however, the time window widens. He or she is then able to configure network elements, such as routers, VPN servers and Ethernet switches, in parallel with the installation of server hardware.  The key to this ability is having modem access via regular PSTN lines.

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