Dutch National Lottery, The Hague

More server space, fewer overtime hours with
CommandCenter® at De Nederlandse Staatsloterij

In operation since 1726, De Nederlandse Staatsloterij is the largest lottery in the Netherlands and the oldest functioning lottery in the world.  Its total revenue added up to approximately 699 million Euro in 2003, and it paid out almost 455 million euro in prize money, while always guaranteeing the anonymity of the winners.

The data center of the Dutch National Lottery forms the backbone of the organization.  To ensure that the IT infrastructure is available, the organization has a backup data center.

"In all, we have made about 25% more space available"

-- Fred Meijer, System and Network Management Coordinator, (l.), pictured with Jeroen Groeneweg, System Manager, the Dutch National Lottery.

Overtime work

Once a month, eight employees used to work overtime in the evening to carry out the maintenance tasks.  During this scheduled maintenance period, the consoles for the various servers were shared in the data center, which made authorization and access quite difficult.

Fred Meijer, System and Network Management Coordinator, explains: "Valuable time was lost because our sysadmins had to wait for a console to be available.  That's rather annoying, especially when working overtime."  Jeroen Groeneweg, System Manager, adds: "Our sysadmins often had to be physically present [inside the data center], which increases the risk of a system outage caused by a human factor.  Moreover, every time the door opens, the climate control has to work harder."

An equal challenge was dealing with an increased volume of business.  The Dutch National Lottery has experienced a significant growth spurt over the last few years, mainly due to a rise in Internet-based transactions.  Fred Meijer: "We needed workplaces for our new colleagues and additional space in the data center."  Unfortunately, there was no additional available space in the building.

The winning ticket

After carefully weighing its odds, the Dutch National Lottery found its winning ticket in the Raritan CommandCenter® consolidated IT management appliance.  With this solution, the Staatsloterij’s four Dominion® KX KVM-over-IP switches can be accessed as one. Each switch offers two IP users and one local user access to any of 16 servers in a non-blocking configuration.  This, in turn, means two things: one, that the National Lottery has one central point from which all remote access is administered and channeled; and two, it can simultaneously share access to up to 64 servers, of mixed platforms, among up to eight browser-based users and four users at the rack.

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