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Subject lines for this and other pitches in this email campaign:

• Guilt-free, glom-proof gift cards

• Spending gift cards down to the last dime

• For the Procrastinator’s Procrastinator: Gift cards that don’t disappoint

Hi Cameron,

Hope this e-mails finds you well. I wanted to call your attention to an app, newly released for Android, that answers the following burning questions for readers of AndroidSPIN:

• Do you know where your gift cards are?
• Do you know the balance on them?
• What should I get my <insert friend, SO or family member> for <insert occasion> -- before the day is out?

The app that answers all those questions is SWAGG, from Outlier, a division of Qualcomm. SWAGG digitally stores and manages offers, gift and rewards cards, ensuring that you use up every bit of store credit before a card goes missing or gets left behind. SWAGG also lets you instantly give and get gift cards, personalized with your note, from a growing list of household retail names, including American Apparel, Steve Madden, Wet Seal, Live Nation, 1-800 Flowers, and JC Penney. You show them to the cashier for scanning, just like plastic. You use them online, just like plastic.

Unlike plastic, you see immediately, on your Android screen, what value remains. And they’re all there, on your Android phone, whenever you need them, so no more wishing you could buy that great <insert coveted item> you see in the store with the gift card lying under the <insert piece of furniture>.

If you would like to see official SWAGG press materials, please visit the SWAGG Media Hub or take a look at the YouTube demo. You can also download SWAGG to your Android by clicking here. If you don’t have an Android phone and would like to demo the app, just say the word, as we have some SWAGG-loaded Androids available for review.

Please feel free to reach out anytime if you have any questions or would like additional information, as I’d be happy to help.


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