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First the Web, now XML: Why Real Estate Must Care!

Dear Real Estate IT Professional:

You in real estate have never had the luxury of a wait-and-see attitude towards IT technology. The early adopter gets the sale! You were the first to post your offerings online, to use computerized (MLS) searches, and before that, you pioneered call automation with recorded listings-by-phone. You knew you had to automate or die.

Real Estate professionals were:
• first to fax (your offers to sellers, school rankings to buyers)
• first to use the Blackberry (with mortgage-rate-update alerts),
• first to learn the remote function on the answering machine.

So… what’s taking Real Estate so long to adopt XML?

XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is the next big wave, but Real Estate firms – and others -- have uncharacteristically remained on shore. Why? Because XML is hard to see and impossible to touch.

It doesn’t beep or play a recording or pop up the next six homes your buyers want to see.

It’s time to end the mystery. Now you can see hear, and learn what XML brings to Real Estate. Register to attend our live Webcast March 12!

It’s not your fault that you’re still in the dark about XML: It’s an invisible, intangible technology that does its work deep in the gaps between one system’s database and the next. You can’t see it, but XML can:
• very quickly turn the prospect data you extract from your web site or the MLS into actionable business intelligence.
• just as quickly pump that intelligence into the laptops and Blackberrys of agents, where it does the most good.
• make one set of data understandable to the next device, program, or report.

Multiple data sources, working with XML, can clearly show which marketing efforts yield the best leads to the greatest number of biggest-ticket sales.

Learn from Realty Software what XML has to offer your Real Estate operation.

Attend our Webcast March 12, from the convenience of your Internet browser.

It’s time for Real Estate to embrace the biggest wave in IT since the Web.

Look at your history: In 1995, a measly two percent of Americans searched for homes on the Web; last year, 77% shopped real estate online, according to a NAR report. XML is less visible to the buying public than the Web, but the efficiencies it can bring to your real estate operation will certainly be noticed – among your agents, or your competitors’.

You don’t have to wait any longer to get up to speed on XML; just register online or call us at 1-800-333-4444. We’ll email you confirmation and a link to our conference; you’ll take your seat at our web-based, interactive XML seminar.

Don’t wait another year! Start by attending our webcast. We look forward to seeing you there!

Marketing Director,
Realty Software

P.S. In addition to our valuable presentation, we’ll be glad to take your questions, and also share the results of a live, online survey we will conduct among attendees like yourself. Learn how your colleagues in Real Estate IT feel about XML!

There are New Answers to Today’s IT Challenges


You know too well: running a data center has gone from tough to tougher.


Your enterprise infrastructure is growing so fast you can barely keep up, and your headcount isn’t growing to match.

Your OA &M costs consume far too much of your budget.

You face new security threats – and regulations – on an almost daily basis, and in spite of everything, availability is absolutely critical – downtime eats profits, and you’re responsible.


Perhaps you don’t know that big changes in Data Center access technology -- changes that we’ve pioneered -- have brought these challenges back under control. 

Half an hour with Raritan can bring you up to speed. 


Meet with us – face-to-face or over a remote demo – and we’ll show you how our KVM, serial console, remote power, and centralized management solutions can enable you to do so much more with less.  We’ll show you how you can increase your uptime, reduce your travel time, lower your TCO, and secure your data center.  We’ll show you how you can give your administrators a 360o view, click-and-control access and BIOS-level control of all of your enterprise’s servers and other IT devices, whether they’re at the rack, at their desks, in the NOC or anywhere in the world.  And we’ll show you how they can do this with a single sign-on to a single interface.


We’re so confident that we can help, we’ll give you a free memory stick just for the chance to demonstrate Raritan solutions remotely, from the convenience of your phone and browser.  Meet with us face to face, and we’ll give you an IPOD Nano and a 10% additional discount off your first purchase – all with 30-day, no-questions-asked guarantees.


While you earn a free Memory Stick or IPOD, learn how Raritan can help you bring your IT challenges back under control.  Contact Rick ….. at 800-xxx-xxxx or Rick@raritan.com and schedule your demo or meeting today.