Case Studies (that tell not only what solved a problem, but how)

Ellen writes:
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  Restaurant Technology: Keeping Labor Costs on Schedule at Corner Bakery Cafe

Restaurant Technology: Online Ordering SMS Mashup Fixes Senor Grandes Sudden Parking Shortage

  Mobile Enterprise: When Assets Identify and Locate Themselves
  Mobile Enterprise: Field Service Reboot
  Security, Efficiency, Network Independence
Built Into New “Lights-Out” Data Center
  Small-Biz Barry's Hard-Times, Hi-Tech Portfolio

Voice over IP, Veal over Linguini / Nortel
Spend $150 more per restaurant per month to go from 56K to T1. Save $250 eliminating analog POTS lines, route intrasite LD over WAN.


Voicemail-Bearing Bears / Envox
The day a teddy bear arrived singing in my husband's voice


Church Builders Take a Leap of Faith / Cisco
A wireless voice-and-data LAN follows architectural/construction teams around the country.


Keeping the CLEC Faith / CBEYOND
The Premise: Intermark Language Services, Atlanta.



VoiceXML makes MLS Mobile / IBM, Newport Works
Is that house in our price range? Real estate agents can search multiple listings with no human assistance, from the curb, with any phone.


Meeting Room = Waiting Room = ACD / Sonexis
A brilliant use of a CPE conference server assigns "perpetual conferences" to projects, creating a virtual, project-specific waiting room.


The Little Speech Rec Engine that Could / Speechworks
Union Pacific gets empty railcars back to work fast, with a speaker-verification system that hastens their "release" after unloading.


City Shapes CLEC by the SeaShore / Nortel
Daytona Beach goes from 17 different phone systems to one; gains uniform, sophisticated calling features.


Tripping up "Walking Payphones"/Sentori Billing
Preventing hit-and-run subscribers from making thousands worth of calls in a weekend under assumed identities.


Molti Bravi, Euros, ARPU for IP Trio/NetCentrex

Italy's FastWeb offers voice, pay-per-view, and broadband Internet over the same fiber link - serious competition for incumbent, Telecom Italia.


 Traffic Ticket IVR
Handling high call volumes in LA Traffic Court -- Sonant Corp.


Survey-Taking Speech Apps Designed With Browser And Credit Card
VoiceXML is the markup language of voice applications. It's only a matter of time before it's simplified in the way of HTML.

  Florida Town Rises from Hurricane Wreckage with VOIP Triple-Play
A metro fiber-optic link encircles the risen city, supplying voice, video.

It's a Fax Server! No! It's an IVR Platform!
How Spain's leading digital TV service solved the problem of handling huge bursts of pay-per-view orders before soccer matches.