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Industry/Technology Backgrounders

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Restaurant Technology: Loss Prevention Takes the Cloud's-Eye View


Restaurant Technology: Loyalty: Power in Pooling


Training and Tracking: Interaction Recording

The Portal Pushers: Speech Vendors Poised To Grow The Voice Web
here for pdf: and pg.2


Speaking Tour: ASR and TTS Follow the Money
Here for pdf ; and here


Voice ASPs
App On Prem, Platform On Host. "Getting changes made with any of those
network-level IVRs is like an act of Congress."


VoiceXML 2.0 -- Sharper Across the Board
The VoiceXML markup language is supposed to do for IVR what HTML did for the visual web.


Unified Communications Regroups
Those who make UM and UC platforms are applying the largest single lesson of the post-2000 marketplace: Feature Flood is Out. Incremental Upgrade is In.


Special Report: Terror and Telecom / 9/11 telecom infrastructure destruction and response
Customer backup: outsourced, ad hoc, in extremis.


Multimodal Toolkits: Design, In - Speech Tags and ML, Out
Want to write mobile data applications you can talk to? While 2.5 and 3G wireless rolls out and proves itself, check out these multimodal application development tools. pdfs here, here and here


Multimodality Starts Walking and Talking
In which we witness mobile-phone and Pocket PC demos, sort out confusion over markup languages, note trial deployments, and highlight the platform maker furthest along in supporting apps that work both visually and aurally.