Ellen Muraskin - High-Tech Stories in Low-Tech Prose



Writing and editing
for companies and marketing/PR firms:

Custom-published content that earns followers in the marketplace.

Engaging web copy that serves ideas in digestible bites and logical sequence.

Story pitches that work by telling editors why readers should care.

Speaker pitches that work by helping conference planners tell registrants why they'll attend.

Trade show pitches that improve ROI on booth costs by setting up media interviews.

"Bylined" Articles and blogs that get client companies' messages across.

White papers that speak to readers' concerns and curiosities in their own language

Interviews for testimonial videos that bring to light every important customer benefit.

Case studies that tell not only what solved a problem, but how.   

Newsletters that unify employees on four continents and educate customers on seven.

Emails that:


For publications:

News Stories that put events in context for readers.

Industry Surveys and Backgrounders that dig deep and wide.    

Opinion/Analysis pieces that grab and entertain. 


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